Privacy and terms


In HOW TO DO FASHION we collect as little personal data as possible to process your orders. We do however rely on different systems for doing so in the best possible manner.

As a responsible company we do whatever we can to protect your data and privacy including following the rules described in the GDPR and other similar initiatives.

HOW TO DO FASHION is not handing over any data to any third party.

This page summarizes how we work with your data, for which reason and through which tools.

To be able to shop on the HOW TO DO FASHION web shop we need your name, address, email and payment details to handle your order. Name and address is so we know where to send your order. The email is for the order notification emails we send and the payment details is to confirm the payment.

For the HOW TO DO FASHION web shop we use the Squarespace Ecommerce solution that complies to the GDPR requirements (see their data processing addendum here

Due to the Danish law we need to keep our orders for 5 years (on a full year basis). We also use the order list for support cases (if you lose your PDF pattern we can resend it etc.). As you have the right to be forgotten we can anonymize the personal data on request after the order have been processed. In case you wish to have your data anonymized, please contact us through the contact form on the 'about' page.

For shipping we use DHL and DAO. Both are online systems and we manually type in the recipient name, address and email.

For our newsletter we use MailChimp and in this system, we only store your email address and this is on a completely voluntary basis. You do not need to sign up for the newsletter to use the HOW TO DO FASHION site but we hope you sign up anyway. Our newsletter is one of our best way to stay in contact with all of you.

We really hope you like our newsletter but you are of cause also free to unsubscribe at any time you want.

MailChimp also follow the GDPR in respect to how information is securely stored. You need to actively opt in to receive any mails from us.

As mentioned we use the Squarespace system for our web shop and page. One of the features we also use is the Analytics feature which helps us optimize our site and in that way, give you the best possible experience. It is basically a cookie system that logs different information (what pages is visited the most, how did you find the page, etc.). Almost all sites use something like this. And this is the reason we ask for you permission to use cookies. If you choose not to allow, we will of cause respect that.

For accounting we use Billys billing ( This is where we store all our sales throughout the years. In most cases the information is anonymized with an invoice ID linking to our order list in Squarespace mentioned above (so no personal data in this system directly). In B2B sales we do however store company information like contact person, phone number, address and in some cases VAT numbers. Our accounting system also follow GDPR.

Information in this system is stored for 5 years due to Danish law.

For different documents used for our workshops and gift certificates we use google drive. The information stored here might include personal information like name. We delete these documents and the content on a continues basis so we do not store anything there longer than necessary. Examples of this could be the names of the participants for a particular workshop.

In case you have any questions please get in contact with us through the contact form on the about page.